Follow These 5 Rules to Lose Weight in 7 Days

Could you imagine spending a week without sweets and fast food? You may think a week is not a long period, but it’s still long enough to develop healthier eating habits and start a new lifestyle.

We are sure you can succeed spending a week without eating junk food. If you are not so sure about it, at least you can try. You’ll lose nothing, except for few pounds.

And, if you do succeed to finish that one week, you’ll get some pretty amazing benefits. They include dropping excess pounds, developing healthier eating habits, boosting energy levels, improving your health and wellbeing, and boosting your confidence. It’s worth trying it out, isn’t it?

It might be hard at first when you have to resist all those sweets and processed food that you normally eat, but keep on reminding yourself of the results. Soon, you’ll notice positive results and your motivation to finish this week will increase even more.

Here are the main rules of this weekly weight-loss challenge.

5 Rules of 7-Day Weight-Loss Challenge

1. Do not eat sugary foods like chocolates, candies, cookies, muffins, donuts, ice-cream, and cakes. Also, you shouldn’t eat fast food, chips, white rice, white bread, protein bars, pastries, and fried meals. When it comes to drinks, cut out soda, store-bought juices, and alcohol from your diet.

2. Eat plenty of green vegetables, fresh and dried fruits, local lean meat, local chicken, fresh organic fish, beans, whole grains, seeds, and nuts.

3. Make sure you drink plenty of water throughout the day, preferably 2,5 liters a day.

4. Exercise half an hour a day. You can choose cardio exercise, weight training, or any other type of workout. Also, you can choose walking for an hour every day if you’re not a fan of exercise.

5. Learn how to manage stress, or even better, avoid stressful situations. That’s because your body releases cortisol during stress, increasing your appetite, especially for sugar.

You can try deep breathing, meditation, yoga, listening to music, or whatever that makes you feel calm and relaxed.


If you stay true to these 5 rules, you will notice a decrease in your weight and improvement in your health and energy levels. However, losing weight and getting the body you desire is a long process that takes time, effort, and dedication.

Therefore, don’t expect quick results. Instead, see this week as an experiment of how would your life look like if you were leading a healthy lifestyle. During these 7 days, you should develop healthy eating habits and notice an improvement in your wellbeing.

Once you finish it, try to follow it for 21 days to fight your food addiction and motivate you even more to lead a healthy lifestyle.

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