Press This Acupressure Point to Relieve Your Stress and Headaches in 30 Seconds

If there is one common enemy all of humanity can agree on dealing with, it is stress.

There isn’t a single human being out there who hasn’t dealt with it at some point or another, and some poor souls are dealing with it on a regular basis.

Stress has many side effects on one’s health, especially once there is an excess of the cortisol hormone. Headaches are just one of the potential problems to come up from stress.

Luckily, there are plenty of remedies for them, whether prescribed or natural (homemade).

There are also certain techniques you can use, like massages and acupuncture in order to achieve much-needed relief.

But instead of frequenting pharmacies and emptying your pockets on chemically-ridden medication, why not opt for a natural cure?

Ever Tried a Nice Herbal Tea?

There are plenty of tea which can help in relieving those annoying headaches. Green tea, cinnamon tea, ginger tea, chamomile tea, peppermint tea and lemon tea are just a few examples.

So sit back, relax, and take a sip of a nice warm cup of brewed herbal tea. You might just be surprised.

Acupuncture May Be the Key

Those who have tried acupuncture can attest to its benefits. But you can do some techniques on your own at home!

For example this 30-second technique for instant headache relief!

What you do is squeeze the part between your thumb and your index finger. In Chinese culture and medicine, this fleshy part is known as a Hoku Spot.

Simply squeezing there for a mere 30-second period can reduce any tension and stress you’ve got build up.

Which, subsequently, can either reduce the intensity of or completely heal your headache for you! So simple, and yet so effective.

Even as you’re holding, you should feel your tense muscles relax and the stiffness subside. It’s a trick that’s definitely worth the try!

Source: Idea Digezt | Boldsky

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