What Happens to Your Body When You Walk Barefoot on Earth

Earthing or grounding is the phenomenon of walking barefoot on the ground and having your feet being directly on the ground. This can help absorb the negative charge from the ground.

We all usually spend most of our days by walking on Earth’s surface using shoes that are made out of plastic or rubber. These materials work as isolators from the surface’s negative charge. This means that this way you’re not going to get to benefit from it in any way.

This is why try and wear vegan leather as much as you can. Avoid walking on tarmac, vinyl, tar, plastic, wood, and asphalt. This way you’re not going to get to experience any of the benefits.

So, get out in the park or wherever else and experience the natural and very free benefits from Earth.

Experts claim that this can help people absorb the needed antioxidants.

According to experts walking barefoot can help you out with benefiting your overall health condition. It can also make you feel good and fill you up with positive thoughts. There is a lot of literature that claims that walking barefoot can be very beneficial.

This is why it’s always important to try your best to walk barefoot on the bare ground as much as you can.

This is really easy to understand because if you think from the perspective of  how distant we’ve become from walking barefoot. If you see it from this point of view, you’ll easily get why it’s good to incorporate this technique into your lifestyle.

Facts Behind This Phenomenon

According to the study published in the Journal of Environmental and Public Health. The study claims that there are several health benefits from practicing this method.

Standing barefoot on the ground can actually help you get more in touch with nature, the atmosphere, as well as give you the much-needed free-radicals, as well as antioxidants.

Get rid of sleep issues, pain, inflammation, blood that coagulates very active cardiovascular diseases, as well as other common health disorders.

According to a study, walking barefoot improves blood regulation. Another health-related thing that grounding can help you out with is blood viscosity.

Studies also claim that grounding can help you out with regulating your nervous system, as well as your endocrine system.

If you get an injury, grounding can help you out with the treatment of soothing pain, swelling, and redness.

Basically, when you step on the surface, negatively charged electrons spread across your body, and this can have effects similar to antioxidants. If you have an injury you’re going through, the negative charge spreads across and around the injury and helps your system repair it.

Studies and Process

There are dozens of claims about grounding. Improved heart health, anti-aging and lots of other claimed benefits.

If you decide to start grounding, you are also going to experience the normalization of the hormone called cortisol. This is a hormone that helps your system regulate your blood sugar.

There is already a scientific background behind the benefits of grounding. But more research to be done in order to have full concrete results and to have all of the facts needed.

Either way, during a study, scientists discovered that there is a particular type of charge that exists for sure and you can gain a lot from it.

Here’s a video we found that demonstrates the process correctly.

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