Powerful Elixir That Will Cleanse Your Lungs Naturally, Especially If You’re a Smoker!

It is familiar to almost every person that giving up the nasty habit of smoking is one of the hardest things for the smokers.

After some time of smoking, every person starts coughing, or much worse, it develops bronchitis.

Everyone is aware that the best choice is to quit smoking,  but not the easiest one, so they must choose something else to restrain or entirely clean their lungs and eliminate that bad coughing and have better breath.

Even though you have quit your bad habit of smoking, your lungs are far away from clean; your lungs had collected a lot of tar. The sad truth is that this is happening even if you had smoked for several months.

Chest pain and blockages in the lungs start to show to the unreasonable smokers.

The cigarettes reinforce the development of the carcinogenic cells in the mouth, throat, and lungs, and more importantly, the cell balance is disordered.

Important Things To Do

The most important thing for prohibition and diminishing the risk of the health problems are removing the tar and the toxins from the cigarettes. With certain products, you will be able to eliminate those toxins in your body.

Your breathing will improve and more importantly the risk of lung infections and cancer will be scaled down. Also, your respiratory system will be cleaner.

This Elixir Will Clean Your Lungs

This recipe will help you to improve your lungs, and all you need is:

Ginger – It has unbelievable healing capability which can clean your lungs from mucus and toxins from your respiratory tract.

Onion – Is known as the best natural solution to reduce respiratory problems and even can help in treating cancer.

Turmeric – It contains an enormous amount of vitamins, minerals, and omega-3 fatty acids which are very beneficial. Turmeric also maintains antiviral, antibacterial, and anticancer properties.

The Recipe For Lung-Cleaning


  • One small peeled ginger root
  • 400 gr of honey
  • 1kg of onion
  • 1l of water

How To Prepare

The first thing you should do is to add the honey in the water and boil it. Ater that, insert the grated ginger and the onion in pieces in the mixture that is boiling. Next, put the turmeric and cook on low heat.

The remedy is not ready until it’s half the mixture at the beginning. The final step, you put the mixture in a jar and put it into a fridge, but make sure that is not hot.

How to Use

Take this remedy twice a day, two tablespoons before breakfast and two more 2 hours before dinner.

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