9 Facts You Should Know About Your Blood Type

Everyone belongs to a specific blood type that is determined from birth. There are a few blood types; those are O, AB, B, and A.

The blood type is not something that people usually think about. But you might start. Did you know that your blood type can have a significant influence?

Yes, as a matter of fact, it is said that each blood type comes with its own properties. It is time you learn something about your blood type.

9 Facts About Your Blood Type

1. Emergencies and Blood Type

If you ever need a blood transfusion, you should be aware of a few things. For example, you should know that people who are O RH negative are actually universal donors. On the other hand, those who are AB are universal recipients.

This information can come in handy in times of emergencies.

2. Weight Issues and Blood Type

Did you know that your blood type can determine whether you will have belly fat? Yes, as a matter of fact, people who are 0 blood type are more prone to having belly fat. On the other hand, in general, people who are type 1 don’t have this issues.

3. Illnesses and Blood Type

You need to discover more about your risks. It is like that since each blood type is more susceptible or less to a particular condition or a health issue. If you know your risks, you will quickly prevent them.

4. Pregnancy and Blood Type

Yes, the blood type might also have an impact on pregnancy. It is said that those women with the type AB can conceive much easier. This is in comparison to the other types.

5. Offspring and Blood Type

You should know that around 85 percent of people are Ph-positive. However if a the man is Rh positive and a woman is Rh negative, there is elevated risk that the kid will have some health problems.

6. Blood Antigens

Blood antigens might be present in the colon, blood, digestive tract, mouth, lungs, and nostrils.

7. Nutrition and Blood Type

Did you know that your blood type has an influence on what type of food you should consume? If you know your blood type, you would know which foods you should avoid and which to eat.

In fact, those with type 1 should eat more vegetables. People with type 0 need to consume more proteins such as fish, lean meat, and vegetables.

For those with type AB is recommended to consume more seafood and lean meat. And last but not least, those with type B need to eat more red meat.

8. Stress and Blood Type

People who belong to the blood type 0 need more time to calm down in stressful situations. This is in comparison to the other blood types.

9. Your Blood Type Influences Your Personality

Yes, it is said that each blood type differs when it comes to the personality. In fact, people with type O worry a lot and are very organized and practical.

People who belong to the blood type A are compassionate and kind people who usually put the needs of other people before their needs.

People with type AB are strong and rational, and on the other hand people with blood type B emotionally flexible, friendly and outgoing. Do you know which is your blood type?

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