Lead Developer of HPV Vaccines Warns That It’s All a Big Scam…

Genevieve Rail, the kinesiology professor at the Concordia University in Canada, received a grant of $270.000 for studying the effects that HPV drugs have on the public.

HPV is an acronym for human papillomavirus. It has been classified as the main cause of cervical cancer over the last 10 years.

Based on the study, Rail and her study co-author and a professor emeritus at McGill University, Abby Lippman, had published an article in the Le Devoir newspaper.

In it, they questioned the benefits and safety of the HPV vaccines.

This article urged that they halt any HPV immunization until all of the possible dangers are investigated independently.

Naturally, the Canadian mainstream media did not miss out on a chance to attack them.

They piled on with the remarks of medical ‘professionals’ who acclaimed to the safety of HPV vaccinations and their success at reducing ovarian cancer.

And, sure enough, Big Pharma and pro-vaccine agencies provided statistics (which were included in the National Post) which served to ‘prove’ the safety and efficacy of such vaccines.

But, for whatever reason, these medical ‘professionals’ seem to turn a blind eye and a deaf ear to the many adverse reaction cases which teenage girls had reported internationally.

Such cases ranged from chronic fatigue to more serious ones such as chronic seizures and even partial or complete paralysis.

The vaccines Cervarix by GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) and  Gardasil by Merck have been practically forced upon families who have teenage daughters (and now teenage sons, as a cancer preventative).

But after a 4-year study involving 170 parents of teenage girls, Rail has stated that she won’t budge from the claim she’s made.

She says she’s raising a red flag, due to the findings in her study where poor parents who have completely healthy 12-year olds are now looking at their bed-ridden children who cannot even go to school.

She states she is going against everything that these ‘prestigious’ doctors have claimed. And she believes she has a good reason to.

All Mothers Were Pro-Vaccine Before…

It’s sad to see how the majority of people are led away by mainstream beliefs. Even if those beliefs are completely ‘bogus’.

They would go so far as to even open heated arguments for the sake of the HPV vaccines.

The vaccine industry is no better. Its famous spokesman, Dr.Paul Offit, claimed that a newborn baby can safely receive up to 1000 vaccines a day. And that aluminum is crucial for one’s health.

But why wouldn’t this ‘mainstream darling’ say such things? He has made millions with this vaccine patent of his.

This is all thanks to his ‘loyal followers’ who believe in every word he says.

The bare and ugly truth is that the stuff they put in basically all vaccines is a neurological toxin.

What supports each newborn baby as it’s immune system is still in the development stage during the next 2 years, is breast milk.

Finally Admits It

This is not recent news. Several years back, Dr. Diane Harper, one of the leading developers of the HPV vaccine Gardasil, finally came clean about the matter.

She warned that Merick’s Gardasil was not only unnecessary and ineffective, but also dangerous.

She also made sure to mention the known fact that 98% of HPV warts among the women who are sexually active heal on their own during the course of a year or two.

And even if they administer HPV vaccines, pap smears are still the best way to go when it comes to checking for cervical cancer.

If you want more details on what Dr. Harper said specifically, you can find them all here.

Allegedly, after admitting publically, she had then recanted later on. Imagine that.

Source: Real Farmacy | Health Impact News

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