10 Plants That Attract Positive Energy in Your Home and Office

There are plants which are commonly used as decoration in the office and home, to brighten up the garden and yard. But also there are plants which can improve the flow of positive energy around you.

Some plants can purify the air, and other can give a sense of peace, stress relief, and well-being. In order to regain your happiness and health, it is important to get rid of negative energy.

Below you will see a list of plants which can help boost positive energy for you and your loved ones.

10 Plants for Positive Energy

1. Jasmine

This plant aids to strengthen relationships and attracts only positive energy. Jasmine is amazing to build romance for you and your significant other.

Jasmine has a pleasant and sweet smell which soothes a stressful mind and gives a lot of positive vibes. If you decide to include this plant in your home, make sure the plant to face south. In case you want to put in your garden put it in the northeast, east or north area.

2. Orchid

The orchid is known to improve the flow of energy in the home. This is a long-lasting flower. The orchid comes in different sizes and shapes; its pleasant fragrance boosts mood.

If you decide to include orchid in your home, put it in the bedroom because at night this plant releases oxygen.

3. Sage

This plant comes with amazing cleansing properties. It is believed that it can eliminate different negative emotions including fear and anger.

You can use sage for different medicinal properties. This plant boosts the positive energy flow in every space.

Note: Do not put it in places with low humidity.

4. Lucky Bamboo

This plant is used for thousands of years in Asia as a symbol of prosperity and fortune. Feng Shui suggests that its vertical shape represents the wood element.

This element is known to influence physical activity, life energy, and vitality. Furthermore, this plant is a low-maintenance plant; you need to keep it from direct sunlight since it only needs low lighting.

Keep it in a pot and add one inch of distilled water and that is all.

5. Holy Basil

This amazing plant is said to attract positive vibes and eliminate the negative energy. It is a rare plant which emits oxygen for 20 hours on a daily basis and absorbs harmful gases.

Moreover, the holy basil is a potent antioxidant which has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and anti-fungal properties. It is thought that growing holy basil comes with spiritual healing effect, particularly when it is places east, northeast or east area of the garden or home.

If you decide to keep this plant, you should know that it needs direct sunlight.

6. English Ivy

The English Ivy brings beauty to every space. Furthermore, this plant is known as among the top air-filtering houseplants. English Ivy eliminates air toxins and promotes a serene, stress-free and safe home.

7. Aloe Vera

It is said that keeping Aloe Vera in your home will bring positive energy and good luck. This multi-purpose plant is used for many health benefits. In case you decide to keep Aloe Vera make sure to put it in indirect sunlight.

Another fact you need to know about this plant is that it cannot tolerate standing water. Therefore, it needs proper drainage.

8. Rosemary

Rosemary aids in boosting mental and physical well-being by purifying the air from harmful toxins. It is said that the smell of rosemary treats insomnia, lightens the mood, improves memory, brings inner peace and lower fatigue.

If you decide to go for rosemary, you need to ensure that is in direct sunlight.

9. Money Plant

This plant is also known as a silver vine, hunter’s robe and ivy arum. It is believed that money plant boosts flow of positive energy and brings fortune and good luck.

This plant for sure will bring a green and fresh smell to every space. You can put it in an angle or corner, and it will lower negative thoughts, anxiety, and stress.

10. Peace Lily

This plant comes with physical, spiritual and mental prosperity. Peace Lily neutralizes the toxic and harmful indoor gases. The best environment for this plant is shaded and dark one.

It is the ideal plant for the office, but you will need to take breaks to water it since it needs water. Another alternative is to put it in your bedroom; this can provide you with restful sleep and sense of tranquility.

Which plant would you choose? Remember the more positive energy you have around you, the better you will feel about yourself.

Source Cure Joy | David Wolfe | Music Source: ContiMusic

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