If You Want to Quit Smoking All You Need Is This Herb

Everyone knows that smoking is bad for the health and it’s a harmful habit.

It is like that since smoking can harm every single organ in the body. The substance nicotine in the cigarettes is what leads to the addiction. The more you smoke, the more the need for nicotine increases.

However, you should know that by quitting you can lower the risk of different health issues. Although this is not easy, there are many natural ways to deal with it.

One such thing is using this plant, which reduces the desire to light a cigarette.

Herb Which Reduces the Need for Nicotine

Yes, there is a herb that might help you quit smoking. We are talking about Stevia, which for long is used as a sweetener. It is said that Stevia might help you stop smoking and drinking.

It can do that since it obstructs the craving signals from the brain. All you need to do is put a few drops of Stevia directly on your tongue. You will need to do this whenever you feel the need to light a cigarette.

You will find Stevia in liquid and in powder form in many health food stores. Also, is said that this herb can help you lose weight and regulate the blood pressure. And will help you to soften, nourish and tighten the skin.

How to Grow Stevia at Home

This perennial plant loves the sun, and it can’t live in cold conditions. However, its root might survive in zone eight, if it’s well protected. Also, it might survive in warmer zones and grow in spring.

You need to plant it in well-drained, good-quality, the loamy and loose soil in twelve-inch containers. You need to keep the Stevia in direct sunlight. Also you need to water it when you notice that its soil is dry.

This plant needs around eighteen inches of free space, and it can grow from 1 to 3 feet in height. To stop drying out in the summer, you need to use mulch and compost.

Bear in mind that the proper drainage is important to stop rotting. This plant blooms in autumn, and it has white flowers. In order to activate the growth of leaves, you need to trim off the white flowers.

How to Make Powder

The leaves are actually sweeter in autumn. You should dry the leaves in the sun in order to use them longer. Furthermore, you need to remove the tender stems, steams and leaves. Then scatter them on non-metal screening such as a loosely woven fabric.

Leave them on the for one day. After that time, you can collect and crush them with your hands or with a food processor. You need to do that until you obtain the Stevia in a powder form.

Keep the powder in airtight containers. You can simply add it to your drinks or food. Also when you feel like you want to light a cigarette just add this powder directly to your tongue.

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