5 Ways to Relieve Shoulder Pain at Home

Those who have shoulder pain are aware that it is no joke.

As a matter of fact, the shoulder pain might interfere with work, sleeping, and sitting. Yes, this pain might interfere with everyday activities. In case of such pain, you must consult your doctor. You need to seek professional help in case the pain doesn’t improve or gets worse.

However, if you check with your doctor and its nothing serious you should know that there are natural ways to treat such pain. Read on, to find out how to treat shoulder pain in the comfort of your home.

5 Ways to Treat Shoulder Pain at Home

1. Heat

In case your shoulder pain is due to injury, you can use heat to treat it. However, bear in mind that you need to use heat after there is no more swelling. Usually, the swelling goes down after 72 hours.

The heat helps stimulate blood flow, and it also encourages the recovery. You can apply heat on your affected area during the day. It is said that alternating between ice and heat can provide notable relief.

2. Massage

It is said that those people who suffer from chronic shoulder pain should massage a certain spot. This a specific, small muscle patch which is found at the end of the strip, close to the middle of the back.

To be more precise, it is in the inner, upper corner of your shoulder blade under the ridge. Do not worry, if are not sure whether you found the spot. Why? Because even if you are near it, you will help relieve the pain.

3. Ice

In case you injure your shoulder, the first thing which you need to do is to use ice on your affected area. As a matter of fact, applying ice on your shoulder from 3 to 4 times on a daily basis can help.

You need to leave the ice for 10-20 minutes. If you don’t have ice at reach, feel free to use a bag of frozen fruits or vegetables.

4. Stretches

Also, another thing which you can do at home to ease your shoulder pain is to do stretches. You can do these stretches at work, at home just about anywhere.

You can do over the head stretches and shoulder rolls. First stretch one arm up and then with the help of the other hand you need to grab the arm behind the head and stretch it to the opposite side.

5. Sling

You can use a sling within the first 48 hours of injury. Therefore, by using a sling, you will keep the shoulder immobile.

In case you have chronic shoulder pain, you might need to use sling on bad days to deal with your pain. How do you deal with shoulder pain?

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