There Is Almost No Good Science in the Movie ‘What the Health’

If you have watched the latest ‘’ What the Health ‘’ movie by Kip Anderson, you might be thinking that meat is your greatest enemy.

This movie portrays itself as a documentary on Netflix, however, while you watch it, it gives you a more horror or eerie feeling. So, in the beginning, Kip Anderson starts his travels in a blue van. His goal is to answer all the questions about a healthy diet.

However, we can see at the very beginning that he is a vegan. Even in his previous movie ‘’Cowspiracy’’, where he blamed the cows for destroying the entire planet, we can see where this movie might end up. Moreover, his ‘’discoveries’’ are rather shocking and surprising.

Anderson’s Personal Feelings

You can see the stunning hate and disgust he feels towards meat and anything that is created from animals. Besides, he has strongly determined that a plant-based diet is the best for everyone and is the only way to avoid disease and death.

His vegan-bond is overwhelming. Also, he keeps insulting cheese and meat over and over again. But, the goal of this review is not to criticize the movie, but the 37 health claims. Anderson proclaims these 37 health claims to be crucial and eye-opening.

However, we shall see how far his claims can go and what kind of impact they might have.

Important Notes

The science behind the tactics that Anderson pursues is more connected to a horror movie rather than a documentary. With ominous music, scenery, and mysteries, his goal is to make people become vegan through fear, rather than personal decision.

Even the interviews he conducts are frightening in a dark room lit with a single bulb. The dangers he faces are animal foods with all the chemicals, hormones, toxins, steroids, diseases and antibiotics. In addition, he claims that they will kill us all, one way or the other.

Needless to say, there were revolting images and piercing scalpels in the bellies of pregnant women. On top of that, the children who drank milk chose their own poison, according to Anderson. He blames the industries for our devastating fate and ultimate factors that will bring our destruction.

Moreover, their tactics have been successful for a very long time. That is why it is hard to get rid of them. He even compares hot dogs to cigarettes. Anderson claims that children who eat hot dogs consume tobacco and fat.

With his outrageous statements, he claims that one egg a day is the same as smoking five cigarettes. As if the two things have any connection at all.

Anderson claims that all our health problems are happening because of the famous American Heart Association and American Diabetes Association. However, the famous food industries are not exempt. They are the reason behind the massive diseases throughout the nation, as Anderson states.

Central Arguments

There are many books or statements that we can take into consideration. But for these statements we will focus on the popular book The Big Fat Surprise: Why Butter, Meat, and Cheese Belong in a Healthy Diet.

Which in case, we will focus on the cholesterol, saturated fats and all the facts regarding your health. Therefore, we will highly oppose Anderson’s idea that animal foods are our biggest enemies.

Plus, research from AHA, statements in the Wall Street Journal along with statistics will be a crucial part of our evidence.


The movie focuses on epidemiological studies that have no proof. This means that every accusation or association made in the film can only create hypotheses. Besides, these studies are highly unreliable, most of them being inaccurate questionnaires.

The people who took part in these questionnaires had to remember what they consumed in the past 6 or 12 months, but in reality, most of us don’t even remember what we ate yesterday. Not to even mention, that the people who ate meat were ‘’ ignoring ‘’ their doctors’ guides.

As a result, people ignored the advice to start a healthy life. All of these statements and accusations Anderson focused on are not supported with any kind of solid proof. Moreover, he can’t blame high-fructose corn-syrup and sugar for creating diseases without scientific evidence.

He lacks every possible form of evidence in every aspect. And this is only the beginning of our claims. According to epidemiologists, there are many reasons, variables, and associations that can cause or avoid death. Probability is the key.

Furthermore, there is still a need for adjustments and evidence that epidemiologists of Harvard need before they jump to any conclusions. Thus, all the risks that Anderson claims are real, in truth are highly unreliable.

Clinical Trials

For all the trials, experiments and evidence to be true, they need to be supported by studies. In other words, you can’t simply use random information and make it meaningful. Some of the evidence that has only one or two people included in the questionnaires pose as inconclusive and exaggerated.

Here is an article that shows some of the evidence. The items in red have no evidence to support the claims, the items in yellow have very few, or weak evidence and the items in green have evidence that support the claims.

In other words, 96% of the evidence has no support. These evidence in the film are highly exaggerated and meaningless. There is not a single trial with humans that can support any arguments. So, all the epidemiological data is created with random facts with only one or two people participating.

Thus, Anderson can’t hope to build a case or a statement of imagined facts and opinions. Besides, all the doctors that recommend this diet are vegans like Neal Barnard and Michael Greger.

Therefore, you can’t implement your own agenda on other people. This can also be a bad representation of marketing. Lastly, you can’t create a film focused on public health to mass spread any ideas and misguide the entire audience.

In fact, here is a list of the entire misguiding advocacy in the movie that has no supportive evidence or science behind them.

Inconclusive Evidence

Because of the constant rise of diabetes and obesity, people have started to consume fewer animal foods. Here are some examples how the consumption of such foods declined: the consumption of red meat is down by 28%, whole milk is down by 79%, eggs are down by 13%, beef by 35% and animal fats by 27%.

Whereas, the consumption of vegetables has increased by 20% and fruits by 35%. So, the movie falsely claims that the health organizations don’t want you to see how bad foods are. On the contrary, people who have the need not to eat certain foods will make a change in their diet.

However, not all people have to make this change. Thus, it is wrong to consider meat as an unhealthy food. Even though many places can benefit from a plant-based diet, it is still wrong to create rhetorical tricks that are not supported by studies.

On top of that, the interviews in the movie are illogical. Every experienced journalist knows that if you want to be in contact with the American Diabetes Association, American Cancer Institute or American Heart Association like Anderson does, you will have to call the department.

After you do that, the department will connect you with an appropriate expert that is best suited for your questions. But Anderson doesn’t seem familiar with this concept and asks the operator or a security guard. This is how he gets his information.

Even though these people are working for that department, that doesn’t make them health experts.


Many people will defend this movie. However, they can’t give us primary sources or studies that can support their claims. There is no main science. Also, the posts from the vegan diet doctors are not enough for solid evidence.

This science in the movie has been misrepresented around the claims that concern hormones, the evolution of humans, toxins, environmental impact, antibiotics or any other. The reason that a vegan diet is the best way to good health is not enough to support the claims.

You can’t change skeptical thinking with no solid evidence. Besides, there is no human in history, especially our ancestors, who survived on a vegan diet. Humans have eaten meat since ancient times and with good reason.

Therefore, you can’t change and rewrite history or create your own based on personal ideals and preferences. Moreover, a vegan diet lacks necessary nutrients. Not only does it lack vitamin B12, but it also lacks folate and heme iron.

So, if you are a vegan, you must take supplements to give the body necessary nutrients. According to clinical trials, a near-vegan diet can cause the HDL-cholesterol to drop and the triglycerides to rise. In other words, it has the possibility to increase the chance of a heart attack.

Lastly, you shouldn’t let scary scenery, illusions, compelling language and false data influence you. If you want to be a vegan, you can freely choose to be. But it is wrong to use random facts to change the diets of many people around the world.

Source: Diet Doctor | MedScape | Wall Street Journal | Dr. Axe

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