Superwomen: How Strong Women Challenge Anxiety on a Daily Basis

Throughout most of history, humanity has paid much more attention to physical illnesses than mental ones, because those were the kind of illnesses one could see. And yet, mental illnesses are no less severe than physical ones. In fact, sometimes they can be worse.

Depression, anxiety, trauma and suicidal thoughts have plagued many so far, and it would seem that in the 21st century more and more are suffering from such diseases, which, once they take a hold on you, don’t let go so easily.

It could be anyone of us. Mental illnesses can affect any individual and yet so many refuse to acknowledge their existence. They can either make you or break you, but the good news is that you can make that decision. You can choose to take control of your own life and emotions.

And that is what we like to call real survivors. People who battle their anxiety and depression each day, only to come out on top. Those who keep on living despite any thoughts on ending their lives deserve more than one round of applause.

In this article, we’ll be discussing all the ladies out there who have to deal with these problems and who end up overpowering them: the real superwomen.

1. Anxiety – A True Killer

Out of the few illnesses, we mentioned above, anxiety is quite possibly the most common. But unfortunately, like most of the other mental illnesses, no likes to talk about it openly. We believe it’s finally time we stepped out and stopped treating such subjects as taboo.

After all, avoiding them will certainly not help cure them. Discussing the issue is the first step towards properly dealing with it. If one were to basically categorize anxiety, it would be the fear and worry concerning future events.

And while anxiety is usually a natural response to stress, if it becomes a regular, or even daily occurrence, it can end up damaging the quality of people’s lives. Not to mention the consequences which can stem from this almost paralyzing feeling.

2. Strong Women and Anxiety

Now, we can guess what you might be wondering: If the woman in question is so strong, why does she let anxiety worm its way into her daily life?

The explanation is simple: anxiety is a huge part of the reason why the woman has become so strong in the first place. It lies at the root of who she is and who she has chosen to become, battling with such fears and coming out on top. What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger, remember?

This could be anything: a past experience, a current one, or fear about a possible one in the future. Out of these three, the most common one is a past experience. We are referring to an experience which has changed one as a person. It could be something like a failed relationship or really anything traumatic.

But if you decide to get up from the corner in which life has dragged you, you are indeed a strong individual. Anxiety attacks those who have a fighting spirit, even if they do not look the part on the outside.

But in some cases, one can also be born with anxiety. And it can plague you, trying to weaken you and constantly bombard you with doubts and fears. Let us get more into the details.

3. Anxiety Can Weaken You

Ironically, a strong woman usually believes she is weak. This is the fault of her anxiety, with which she is in constant battle with, coming out victorious in the end, but suffering all the while. That annoying little voice which makes her feel inferior, tries to convince her not to let her voice be heard.

At times, it can even be nearly impossible to get out of bed, as anxiety makes one feel like they will fail no matter what they do.

But here is what makes this woman strong: most of the time, she is strong enough to ignore that voice and get on with her daily tasks, facing anything head on despite all the nagging doubts crawling in the back of her mind.

She chooses to get out of bed and face the world despite all her fear, and that is where true courage lies. She marches on against the current and tries to take on a positive view, fighting to live her life, no matter how strong the feeling is to just stay under the covers at home and give up on living.

4. Anxiety Makes One Self-Conscious

One of the main things which is considered to destroy one’s self-confidence, is self-doubt you feel each day. Sure, most people are self-conscious from time to time, it’s a human trait. But with strong women who combat their anxiety, that is multiplied by 10, and they can hardly get a break from it.

She is in constant thought of what others are thinking or saying about her, how they are judging her every move, the way she looks and dresses, the way she behaves. She always ponders what others would say about doing something before she actually does it.

And yet, despite all of this, she continues her work and tries to ignore the dread of what others might say. She hides all those feeling of inferiority and self-doubt, showing the world her strong self. And that is the face they see, admiring her.

If only she could see that, instead of the judgmental looks she believes she is getting.

5. So Many Distractions

A strong, anxious woman can also easily get distracted, even by the simplest or littlest of things. The most unimportant things could put her off track. It could be an unexpected text message or even an e-mail to which she is not sure how to reply. It could even be a look from a friend or coworker.

But the worst scenario would be a look from her current crush or an ex. That could lead to spin and ponder what they meant with it.

Sadly, one negative thought rarely remains alone. It is followed by another, and so a vicious cycle begins, which could have serious side effects regarding her productivity on that day. And yet, she battles such scary thoughts and tries to go on with her day as usual, never letting anyone see what is really going on.

6. Always At War with Herself

Like we said, a strong woman tries her very best to maintain her inner strength and show it to those around her. She feels she must never show any vulnerability. In fact, this is most probably the last thing she would think of doing.

But the hardest thing she has to do (and yet she does it every day) is to convince herself that she is strong and capable enough. One could say she is in constant battle with herself: one side full of doubts, the other confident and trying to come out on top.

Some people may wonder how she remains so calm and collected even during the most turbulent of times. She may look calm on the outside, but on the inside, she is just as stressed or scared as any human being would be. She faces all her fears alone, since she feels she cannot show them to others.

This makes her very brave and independent, relying on herself to solve her daily problems. Yet, she doesn’t see herself that way.

7. Isolation is No Stranger

When it seems like it’s all gotten too much, a strong woman will choose to take a break from the world surrounding her, isolate herself and take some time for herself. She feels she cannot handle the pressure. Still, by the end of this period, she comes out happier and stronger than ever.

Having dealt with her problems and inner sense of inferiority, she is ready to rejoin the world, determined not to be frightened of it or the hard situations it might offer her next. When things seem too much to handle, she feels like giving up. But she doesn’t – and that’s what makes her truly strong.

8. She is Never Comfortable

Some individuals rarely choose to step out of their comfort zones. Some don’t like undertaking any new challenges. Others don’t feel they have the sufficient strength for new challenges, and some have no idea of the world outside of their comfort zones.

This is another thing which makes an anxious woman so strong: she always spends her time outside of her comfort zone. She is regularly worried about what to say, what to wear, and where to park. In other words, she is almost always on edge, and relaxation is practically a foreign concept.

She faces one problem or another, and this is much akin to an endless cycle. Because she is pushing herself all of the time, obtaining a peace of mind may seem extremely hard to do. She goes through a whole barrel of emotions (coupled with stress), but in the end, she recovers from it all.

9. Do Such Setbacks Benefit Them?

You’d be surprised. The whole point of an anxious, strong women, is that she is more than capable of extracting the benefits and advantages out of even the toughest of situations. She is constantly growing, learning and improving herself as a person. Such setbacks only make her more hardcore.

10. They Are Winners

These are the bravest women you will ever encounter. The fact that they are hardly ever at peace with themselves is exactly the reason for this strength of theirs. It may seem like torture to always fight with yourself and all your insecurities. Where a weak person would give in, a strong one perseveres.

She doesn’t let her mental disorder break her and destroy her from the inside. Instead, she chooses to learn from it and become the best she can be, despite all the hardships which are flung at her. She makes sure never to let any dark thoughts fully eclipse her positive ones, no matter how hard that is.

She is a fighter. Which also makes her a winner. In fact, most of the time she even surprises herself with the potential, power, and courage she has demonstrated, as well as impressing others. She may not believe she is strong, but this couldn’t be further from the truth.

11. What Truly Matters?

Superwomen like these have access to a special kind of strength which a person doesn’t realize they have until they really need it. Setbacks happen to anyone, but most of all to strong women. Yet they overcome them and anything else life throws their way, and even manage to learn something from it.

It is what separates them from those complaining from their hardships and choosing to give up. And is it really a coincidence that some of the most successful women in the world happen to belong to this group? We think not.

Source: Relationship Goals | The Odyssey Online

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