This Tea Bag Can Keep Mice and Spiders Out of Your House

We don’t think there is anyone who’d like to have spiders or mice crawling around their home during odd hours. Not only is the sight of spiders or mice scary, but it can also make one feel unhygienic.

One common reaction at spotting such a pest is to scream and make someone brave enough get rid of them as quickly as possible. At least one family member takes charge and tries to drive the nasty little creatures away.

An infestation of such pests is a problem which needs to be dealt with immediately. If you happen to be going through such an infestation right now, you can exhale in relief, since help has arrived.

Mice are natural scavengers. Which means they will seek shelter anywhere they can find sources of food. Compost bins and garbage are ‘ideal’ for attracting such rodents. But there is also pet foods and bird-feeder, and even fruits and nuts you may keep in your home!

Most people turn to rodent-proof containers in their desperation. Luckily, we are proud to present you with a method which is far better at making sure no rodent enters your living quarters. But first, let’s see how these pests enter our homes in the first place…


These animals adore holes and cracks to live in. It turns out the cartoons weren’t completely wrong about them. They are very nifty and can enter through any opening drains and pipes. Which is why sealing such holes can represent one way to keep them from entering.

And, trust us, even if you are not squeamish, you’d want to keep mice infestations at bay. The reason is that they are very detrimental to our health. They leave germs from their tiny feet, as well as passing many kinds of diseases thanks to their droppings and urine which they may leave around the house as they pass.

After all, it’s not like they’re housebroken. They can even bite if they sense they are in danger, which is another way of passing on a disease. At times, they may also harbor ticks and fleas, which just means adding to the list of contagious illnesses.


You may have heard that spider infestations are most common during the fall season. Just as soon as September comes around, the males of this species start their hunt indoors for not just possible pray, but also potential mates.

They can enter through any opening, like poorly-closed windows and doors. Even the smallest crack or gap around the window panes and doors is more than enough for this creepy crawly to slip through. Like mice, they also like ‘hitchhiking’ in boxes and bins.

So make sure not to leave any open containers lying around, especially if you already suspect a spider is crawling around your home. But now finally, without further ado, let us show you this extremely easy and efficient method for keeping such pests away.


Yes, it’s that simple. But before you start using this method, it’s important to seal off any gaps and cracks, no matter how small they are. Take a good look around your home to see if you’ve missed any. Clean your home from top to bottom and make sure your food is properly stored in a secure place. Once you’re done, bring the tea bags.

This option is also a cheap one and completely safe as it does not contain any chemicals. All you need to do is purchase several tea bags containing peppermint infusion. You can also brew some mint or peppermint tea.

Once you’re done drinking it, instead of throwing the tea bag away, place it in a spot where you’ve seen the pests gather in the past. Three tea bags per room should be enough to ensure they never return.


Who knew relaxing with a cup of tea can also prove beneficial for protecting your house from any uninvited guests? We hope you have found this information useful. We wish you good luck, dear readers.

Source: Curejoy | Factaholics

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