6 Types of Obesity and How to Deal with Each

Do you eat properly and exercise regularly and you still cannot lose weight?

Probably all people at least once in their life has been there, when you do everything, and you just cannot get that number on the scale or in the favorite pair of jeans.

But this might be happening because you do not pay attention to the type of obesity you are dealing with. Yes, believe it or not, but there are different types of obesity, and they all need to be treated differently.

For instance, fat in the upper body is usually because of improper diet and in the lower part is generally because of bad habits.

Yes, there are different types of obesity, and they differ based on the place where there is more fact accumulated. Read on, to find more about these types and how to treat them.

6 Types of Obesity and How to Deal with It

1. Additional Pounds Around the Hips

This might be because of hormonal imbalance. You need to quit smoking and lower the intake of alcohol. Also, you must become more active, and move frequently. If you are not physically active the number on the scale will never be enough.

2. Obesity Due to Insufficient Physical Activity

Physical activity is significant, and lack of it for sure will cause for the pounds to increase. In case you haven’t been active in a long time you need to start small. First, you can start walking more, clean the house and maybe swim.

After a while, once you feel comfortable feel free to increase the intensity. You can start going to the gym. You will feel better, sleep better and for sure look better.

3. Fatty Legs

This is something that no one wants. The best thing to deal with this type of obesity is to eat correctly and do proper leg exercises. You should try jumping or jogging.

Also, another trick which you can use is always to climb the stairs and not use the elevator.

4. Obesity in the Upper Body

If you have this type of obesity, you are probably overeating, eating the wrong food or maybe you are combining things wrong. To deal with this issue, make sure to lower your intake of alcohol and sugar.

Also, make sure to drink a lot of water, and drink water 20 minutes before your meal and 20 minutes after your meal. Don’t eat and drink at the same time.

5. Fat in the Abdominal Cavity

If you have this type of obesity, probably you often caught yourself being short of breath. You should avoid alcohol, and you should exercise at least 3 times per week.

6. Fat in the Upper Part of the Abdomen

If you have this type of obesity, then you are probably often anxious, nervous or maybe depressed. How to deal with this type of obesity? Well, probably you consume too many sweets in order to deal with your stress.

You need to eliminate the sugar from your usual diet and focus on exercising. Find which type of exercising you like and commit to it.

It is always easier if you focus on a particular type of obesity. In that way, you will use the proper method to deal with your type of obesity.

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